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Besides the headphones there are other accessoires. For example the characters. Here are their stories:


He won't stop smiling, even if the sun goes down. But please, don't eat him!
A cute white cat, she's really shy; her favorite numbers are 0, 8, 1 and of course 5!
PanPan the Panda
This young panda loves to show his emotions and to dress up! His part-time-job is to run around on desktops.
STOP THIEF! As cute and innocent he might look, don't trust him too easily! At night MR.USAGI sneaks out to the neighbour's garden and steals his fruits and vegetables! He especially loves strawberries.
A happy pair of banana siblings. BA and his sister NANA just love to hang around (on your ears) in the sun and enjoy the day. They never go out of house alone, they're always together!













Shimeji Panda - PanPan running around on your desktop! Click on the picture to download ♥ Only works on windows.



Icons - for your computer folders
Download: Windows / Mac


Wallpaper - for your desktop

Buttons - support Sweet-Ticket - put these buttons on your website / blog / signatur / etc. ♥




Shopping Info

Shipping etc.

  • Do you ship to Greenland?
    Yes, Sweet-Ticket ships worldwide!

  • What about shipping costs?

    Austria: 2,00€
    Europa: 4,50€
    World: 5,50€

    Clay, Headphones:
    Austria: 5€
    World: 13€

    Registred Shipping costs +2,10€. All headphones will be send with a free tracking number!

  • How can I pay?
    Via Bank Transfer or PayPal

  • How much costs one pair customized headphones?
    One pair costs 79€ (approx. 97$ / 62£)

  • Wich headphones do you decorate?
    Sony MDR-V150 in black and white
    Sony MDRZX100 in white and pink
    for iPods or other MP3 Player, mobiles, etc.
  • Are the headphones fragile?
    They aren't unbreakable, so you should take care of it, just like other products.

  • I would like to buy customized headphones as a bithday present. Will they be here until next week?
    Sorry, it's not possible, please order them at least one month earlier.

  • Wich materials do you use?
    I use silicone for the whipped cream, polymer clay for the handmade pieces and i decorate them with extra rhinestones, pearls, etc.

  • Do you also decorate other headphones, headsets or something different?
    Yes, send a mail to and I'll take a look at it.

Headphones Order Process



Write your wishes in the comment field of the order form and send it to me


I'll send you the payment details. As soon as your money arrived, I'll start working on your design.


If you want changes, I will take care of it!


As soon as you're happy with the design, it gets on the headphones.


After 3 days of drying, they get shipped ♥

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